Ethical Marketing?

Our marketing agency helps to improve your business outcomes, whilst supporting your community, ensuring your message compels your targets to engage.


Connect with us and we'll deliver a tailored marketing strategy that is based on specific goals. Reach out and learn how we use our skills to make your social media presence more engaging for your audience. Or how we create effective content that drives people to your business or project. Simply put, a solid strategy helps acquire, retain and/or convert customers.


Your strategy makes use of our expertise in looking to improve your marketing: social, search (SEO), content marketing, digital adverts and community outreach. In addition, we make sure to analyse how current and/or potential customers, audiences and prospects are interacting with your brand. People love people, we'll help promote how you show your love. Society champions the local community, we'll make sure you're part of that network. We'll create a marketing plan which focuses on your why and for who which, in turn, connects with the issues the modern consumer is passionate about.


Let's market you ethically: are you motivated to hear more about the work we do or how we can help? Reach out for a complimentary 30 minute session where we will chat through your business, project and ideas.

 Mo | Founder | 27 

I was recently asked to choose five words which defined me: Scotland, Family, Community, Football and Equality. How did I do?

I’m fortunate to have a combined ten years in business development and marketing in the NHS, Financial Services and Third-Sector. I pride myself in marrying our clients with their community to create some marketing and PR magic. I’m qualified as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and have a BA in Law and an MSc in International Political Economy.

Aside from the boring stuff, name a ball sport and I watch it well and play it poorly!

 Kathleen | Owner | 27 

You can call me Kat! Originally hail from Michigan but Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for a few years now. Proud hamster mom to Rudy and to all my green plant babies!

Currently doing my PhD in Sociology with my background being in Anthropology and International Law. Strengths lie in identifying your values and motivations, aligning them with my understanding of people and sentiment. Doing so helps us promote your ethos and make your digital marketing output more compelling!

Put some crochet or knitting needles in my hand and I’m relaxed! Finish off with a bit of sewing and general crafting, I’m in my element!